12 Volt 12AH SLA Rechargeable Battery Replace UB12120, EXP1212, 6FM12, LHR12-12, GPS12-12, F2 (2-PACK) WEIZE
12 Volt 12AH SLA Rechargeable Battery Replace UB12120, EXP1212, 6FM12, LHR12-12, GPS12-12, F2 (2-PACK) WEIZE
12 Volt 12AH SLA Rechargeable Battery Replace UB12120, EXP1212, 6FM12, LHR12-12, GPS12-12, F2 (2-PACK) WEIZE
12 Volt 12AH SLA Rechargeable Battery Replace UB12120, EXP1212, 6FM12, LHR12-12, GPS12-12, F2 (2-PACK) WEIZE
12 Volt 12AH SLA Rechargeable Battery Replace UB12120, EXP1212, 6FM12, LHR12-12, GPS12-12, F2 (2-PACK) WEIZE
12 Volt 12AH SLA Rechargeable Battery Replace UB12120, EXP1212, 6FM12, LHR12-12, GPS12-12, F2 (2-PACK) WEIZE
12 Volt 12AH SLA Rechargeable Battery Replace UB12120, EXP1212, 6FM12, LHR12-12, GPS12-12, F2 (2-PACK) WEIZE
12 Volt 12AH SLA Rechargeable Battery Replace UB12120, EXP1212, 6FM12, LHR12-12, GPS12-12, F2 (2-PACK) WEIZE

WEIZE 12V 12Ah AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery with F2 Terminals, Replaces BP12-12,GP12120,GS12V12AH,6-DW-12

Style: 2-PACK, Limited Supply: 1-PACK
SKU: QS12-12-2P

Battery Cell Composition Sealed Lead Acid Recommended Use Scooter, Emergency...


Style: 2-PACK

Limited Supply: 1-PACK
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Battery Cell Composition Sealed Lead Acid
Recommended Use Scooter, Emergency Lighting
Dimensions  5.94 in x 3.86 in x 3.98 in (Each Battery)
Weight 7.39 Lbs (Each Battery)
Terminal Positive (+) - Red, Negative (-) - Black.
Power Up Your Adventures with Our Premium Battery Set!
Looking to enhance your devices' performance? Look no further! Introducing our unbeatable promotional battery set, featuring not one, but two 12V 12AH Sealed Lead Acid Batteries - the ultimate power solution for all your needs.
Discover the Superior Performance: These 12 Volt 12 Amp Sealed Lead Acid batteries are not only maintenance-free but boast a non-spillable design, ensuring worry-free operation. With F2 terminals and compact dimensions of 5.94x3.86x3.98 inches, they fit seamlessly into any setup. Whether it's for cycle or standby use, these rechargeable batteries exceed OEM SLA battery specifications, guaranteeing unmatched performance.
Unmatched Compatibility: Our batteries are the perfect replacements for a wide range of models, including BP12-12, GP12120, GS12V12AH, 6-DW-12, and many more! With a list of compatible models, we make finding the right fit a breeze.
Revolutionary AGM Tech: Harness the power of cutting-edge technology! Our batteries utilize Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology and are Valve Regulated, providing exceptional resistance to shock and heat. Made with non-conductive ABS plastic, they are built to endure even the most challenging conditions.
Empowering Your Adventures: From Kids Riding Toys like Mini Coopers and Electric Power Wheels Cars to essential applications like Emergency Lighting, Security Alarms, and Medical Equipment - our batteries are designed to elevate your experiences. Count on reliable power for your Wheelchair Scooter, Razor/Ezip/Pride GoGo Traveller Electric Scooter, Mobility Elite Traveller, and more!
Your Perfect Replacement Guide: Finding the right replacement is effortless with our comprehensive guide. Simply compare the physical dimensions, volts, and amp power of your original model with our recommended replacements. Don't forget to check the battery terminals for a seamless fit.
Quality Assured - Weize Has You Covered: Your satisfaction is our priority! Rest easy with our 1-year warranty on all our brand-new, factory-fresh, high-quality batteries. Should you have any queries or concerns, our dedicated Weize support team is ready to assist - just reach out to us directly!
Unleash the Power - Choose Weize for Unrivaled Energy: Elevate your devices' performance with our premium battery set. Whether it's for thrilling rides or essential applications, Weize has got you covered.

Unlock Your Devices' Potential - Trust in Weize, Your Energy Expert.

Sealed Battery&Safe Charging

  • Manufactured with thick absorbent glass mat (AGM) separators and advanced valve-regulated technology, the battery is maintenance-free, leak-proof, and gas-free.
  • Weize SLA batteries are utilized in a wide variety of applications including; Solar Panel Off-Grid Applications, Back-up Sump Pump, Kayak Trolling Motor, RV VAN Camping Trip, Travel Trailer, Golf Carts, Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Hunting, Fishfinder, Lawn and Garden Tools, Medical Mobility, Portable Tools, Toys and Hobby, Access Control Devices, Emergency Lighting, Security and more.


SLA batteries have a low self-discharge rate - about 40% per year or 3.3% per month. These batteries are able to be stored without charging for up to 5-6 months when at full capacity, but doing so is not recommended. At least every 2-3 months you should top charge them. In order to prolong their shelf life, SLA batteries should be stored and maintained properly.

Best Practices

  • Store batteries in a cool, dry place (optimally 75 degrees Fahrenheit / 23 degrees Celsius or less)
  • Periodical top charging of the batteries is recommended
  • Store batteries in a fully charged state


In order to find the best replacement for your original battery you need to compare the physical dimensions, Volts, and Amp power of your original model to our battery. Besides physical dimensions, you also need to check battery terminals, which are the metal connectors on top of the battery. To determine what terminal your battery has, you will need to look at their form and determine if they have a flat connector, nut, bolt, or wires, and then measure their sizes.

12V 12AH batteries Compatible with the following scooters and bikes plus many others:

  • BladeZ models: XTR 450, XTR 500, 807 XTRS, XTR COMP, XTR COMP II, XTR SE, Power Trans, Street, Street II, Paverunner 450EX, Paverunner 450EL, and Transport electric scooters
  • Boreem electric scooters (check size)
  • Charly electric scooter
  • Citybug and Helper electric scooters
  • Currie electric bicycle (frame mount)
  • Currie Electro-Drive electric bicycle kit
  • Currie electric 3-wheel tricycle
  • eBike 24 Volt electric bicycle
  • E-Raser electric scooter (check size)
  • E-Scooter scooters (check size)
  • ETC Express electric bicycle kit
  • eZip 750 electric scooter
  • eZip 900 electric scooter
  • Giant LaFree Sport electric bicycle
  • LashOut electric bicycle
  • PB 806 and SM 806 electric scooters
  • Python Electric Bicycle
  • Rad2Go Great White E-36 & Leopard Shark E5 electric scooters
  • Razor MX500 & MX600 Dirt Rocket electric dirt bikes
  • Razor E500S electric scooter
  • Scoot-N-Go electric scooter
  • Shredder electric scooter
  • Spartan Sport FS-102 and FS105
  • Sporty electric scooter
  • Star II electric scooters (check size)
  • Synergy Cycles electric bicycle
  • X-Port electric scooter
  • X-Treme X-360 electric scooter
  • X-Treme XP-700 electric pocket bike
  • Zooma electric scooter

12V 12AH battery replaces the following battery models plus many others:

  • B.B. battery BP12-12
  • CSB battery GP12120
  • ECO battery GS12V12AH
  • Enduring battery 6-DW-12
  • Enduring battery CB 12-12
  • First Power battery or FirstPower battery: FP12100; FP 12120
  • Fullriver battery or HGL battery: HGL12-12; HGL 12-12
  • GPS battery GPS12-12
  • High / High battery or Zhejiang / Hangzhou Haijiu battery 6-DFM-12A
  • Long battery WP12-12
  • MK Battery ES12-12
  • Palma battery PM12-12
  • Panasonic battery LCR12V12P
  • Power Patrol battery SLA1104; SLA1105
  • Power-Sonic battery PS-12120
  • Power Source Battery WP12-12
  • PM battery PM12120; LA12120
  • Rhino battery SLA10-12
  • AK, Kstar, So, Toyo, Zhen Ya, Nanhan, Shunhong, Yinxin, Seaflo, Sunbright, New Energy, MCA, BIK, and Super Power batteries plus many other brands: 6FM12; 6-FM-12; 6DZM11; 6DZM12; 6-DZM-11; 6-DZM-12
  • Universal battery UB12120
  • Yausa battery NP12-12
  • Yueyang battery CB12-12
  • HangYue battery DZM 12-6

Customer Reviews

Based on 213 reviews

Exactly what I ordered, works well, I am very pleased and would buy again.

Lynn Chestnut
Quality batteries

This set of batteries is very high quality and lasts longer than expected and still holding a full charge and a great price for a set of two.

Arthur Ribel

They hold a charge good..

Nice replacement battery $ saved compared to others

Time will tell… I use the battery in a buzzaround scooter. Easy to replace-it’s lighter than the original battery (nice) I got 3 years out on the original battery so …

Stephen Johnston
Excellent batteries

I've been using this brand of 12V batteries to replace those in my CyberPower UPS units for a long time. They are the best price and performance you can get. They will work in the 1300va, 1350VA and 1500VA units over the years. They'll work in other vendor UPS units as well. All you have to be sure about is the physical size of battery they are replacing as well as the capacity but the latter isn't really that crucial as SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries capacity usually dictates the physical size as well. I've used the higher capacity batteries in APC units too and smaller ones in Home Alarm Systems, Lights, 400VA UPS units etc. Highly recommend.