WEIZE New 12V 100AH AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery (Light Grey) WEIZE
WEIZE New 12V 100AH AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery (Light Grey) WEIZE
WEIZE New 12V 100AH AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery (Light Grey) WEIZE
WEIZE New 12V 100AH AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery (Light Grey) WEIZE
WEIZE New 12V 100AH AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery (Light Grey) WEIZE
WEIZE New 12V 100AH AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery (Light Grey) WEIZE
WEIZE New 12V 100AH AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery (Light Grey) WEIZE
WEIZE New 12V 100AH AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery (Light Grey) WEIZE

WEIZE New 12V 100AH AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery (Light Grey)

Style: 1-PACK
SKU: BAB-0062

Battery Type AGM Cycle Use Voltage 14.5V - 14.8V Battery...


Style: 1-PACK

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Battery Type AGM Cycle Use Voltage 14.5V - 14.8V
Battery Cell Composition Sealed Lead Acid Float Charge Voltage 13.5V - 13.8V
Nominal Voltage & Rated Capacity 12V 100Ah  Standard Operation Temperature 25°C±2°C / 77°F±3.6°F
Self-discharge Rate(77℉/25℃) 3%/month Product Dimensions 12.99x6.73x8.43 in
Maximum Continuous Charging Current 30A Maximum Discharging Current 1150A (5 seconds)
Warranty 2-year Product Weight 63 lbs

Reliable AGM Technology: Weize introduces the new 12V 100Ah sealed lead-acid battery, featuring absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology. This construction not only prevents acid leakage but also reduces the need for frequent maintenance, ensuring exceptional safety and higher chemical stability. The terminals are marked for easy installation: Left (+) Red, Right (-) Black. The battery's dimensions are 12.99 x 6.73 x 8.43 inches, and it comes in a sleek light grey color.

Exceptional Performance: This battery performs well in extreme temperatures, with a discharging temperature range from -4℉ (-20℃) to 140℉ (60℃). Its best operating temperature is 77°F (25℃), and it can handle a max discharge current of 1150A for up to 5 seconds.

Versatile Application: With its mature and reliable technology, the WEIZE 12V 100Ah deep cycle battery is suitable for a wide range of applications. It features a max discharge current of 1150A for dependable service in RVs, wheelchairs, scooters, golf carts, solar systems, and UPS systems.

Extended Lifespan: Compared to flooded batteries, this AGM battery has a lower self-discharge rate of 1-3% per month. This allows for longer storage periods before recharging. However, it's essential to keep the battery charged and operate it within the appropriate temperature range to prolong its service life.

2-Year Warranty: For added peace of mind, this battery comes with a 2-year warranty. Weize is committed to providing quality products and excellent customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the seller directly. The Weize support team is ready to assist you.

  • With a consistent and stable discharge, the battery can power up most common home appliances, such as a microwave, CPAP, coffee maker, laptop, and more.
  • Discharging Temp ranges from -4℉ (-20℃) to 140℉ (60℃), best operating temperature 77°F (25℃), 1150A (5 seconds) max discharge current.

SLA batteries have a low self-discharge rate - about 40% per year or 3.3% per month. These batteries are able to be stored without charging for up to 5-6 months when at full capacity, but doing so is not recommended. At least every 2-3 months you should top charge them. In order to prolong their shelf life, SLA batteries should be stored and maintained properly.

Best Practices

  • Store batteries in a cool, dry place (optimally 75 degrees Fahrenheit / 23 degrees Celsius or less)
  • Periodical top charging of the batteries is recommended
  • Store batteries in a fully charged state

Our batteries can be used in: Access Control Systems, Home Alarm Systems, Burglar Alarm Systems, Security Systems, Electric scooters and bikes, Electric wheelchairs, Ride-on Toys, Golf Carts.

Connecting batteries:

NOTE: The maximum number that can be connected in series is 4. In parallel, there are no limitations.


By connecting the batteries in series you are doubling the voltage and maintaining the same capacity (amp hours). Connect the positive terminal of the first battery to the negative terminal of the second one. From the two free terminals connect the positive to the power lead on your device, and the negative to the ground connection of your application.


By connecting the batteries in parallel you are doubling the capacity (amp hours) and maintaining the same voltage. Connect the positive terminal of the second battery to the positive terminal of the first battery. Do the same with the negative terminals. Connect your application to the positive and negative terminals of the first battery.


To find the best replacement for your original battery you need to compare the physical dimensions, Volts, and Amp power of your original model to our battery. Besides physical dimensions, you also need to check battery terminals, which are the metal connectors on top of the battery. To determine what terminal your battery has, you will need to look at their form and determine if they have a flat connector, nut, and bolt, or wires, and then measure their sizes.




Customer Reviews

Based on 293 reviews
Brian Candelaria
Awesome batteries!!!!

Purchased 2 batteries went on a 3 day camping trip used patio light strip for 6 hrs and it 12 volt refrigerator only dropped batteries from 13.67 to 12.89 whole trip amazed on there performance I do recommend them to friends and family

Rodney Artrip

WEIZE 12V 35AH SLA Deep Cycle AGM Battery Replace 12 Volt 33AH 34AH 36AH 30AH, in Series 24V 36V 48V for Power Patrol SLA1156 Ritar RA12-33 Renogy PV Solar Panels Bat-Caddy X3R Golf Caddy

Ricky Byrd

I’m very pleased with my battery. It fits perfectly and also was a great price and fast shipping.

Robert Fowlkes

Having trouble keeping them up may have send back both pair doing same thing run down fast


Works great but I can't get customer service to call back or email me. The batteries were shipped without a receipt. You can't speak to anyone just leave messages. Batteries great customer service sucks.